South Ostrobothnian Know-How
South Ostrobothnia is a region in Western Finland, with a population of roughly 200,000. Active traffic routes run through the region, creating excellent connections to other parts in Finland in every direction. The regional centre is Seinäjoki.

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Our region boasts a large population of small-medium enterprises (SMEs), and with that comes knowledge, quality and assurance of supply to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs. Entrepreneurship and its spirit run through the veins of South Ostrobothnia, providing the region with an unrelenting determination to succeed in each task or challenge which is taken on.

South Ostrobothnia specialises in food production, agriculture, machinery and equipment for the metal industry, wood processing (particularly for use in construction, building log houses and the furniture industry), as well as business and services.

Significant food industry manufacturers in the region include AtriaValio and Juustoportti. Their products are known nationwide, also spanning to neighboring countries, carrying with them the reputation of clean and delicious Finnish ingredients.

Top-quality knowledge within the metal and automation industries are represented by companies such as Finn-PowerLillbacka PowercoPesmelKometosSulbanaMäkelä AluYamaha BusterJunkkari and MSK Group. A large concentration of sub-contracting companies is also present, operating in the technological manufacturing for steel, stainless steel, aluminium processing and product manufacturing.

South Ostrobothnia’s chief energy technology and efficiency companies are Veljekset Ala-TalkkariLämpöässä and Härmä Air, whose solutions help grow the utilisation of both biofuels and renewable energy sources and help customers to reduce energy consumption.

The most significant companies in the wood processing and construction industries are, for example, Alavus IkkunatFinnlamelliPohjanmaan Kaluste and Luoman. These companies have utilised high-quality Finnish wood, and united it with design and excellence.

Extensive expertise within the technology industry can also be found from Epec and Serres, whose knowledge and unique efficiency in product development and manufacturing have positioned them as world-class market leaders in their own industries.

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