South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce is one of the regional privale law chambers in Finland. Our member companies are specialising in high quality food production, agriculture, machinery and equipment for the metal industry, wood processing, as well as business and services.

South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1951 and over 65 years on, it represents over 600 businesses in the South Ostrobohtnia area. It is the premier business membership organisation in the region and works for the interests of the business community while also promoting economic development in the region with a range of partners and key stakeholders.

We have three full time employees.


One of our key activities is to network business people with each other to find new co-operation possibilities, new business and to enchance all communication regionally, nationally and internationally.

South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce is a part of a Finncham network which joins Finnish and foreign chambers together globally for profitable business.

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