Sell on Amazon workshop

Aika: 15.1.2019 klo 8:45 - 16:00
Paikka: Seinäjoki, ilmoitetaan myöhemmin
Ilmoittaudu viimeistään 8.1.2019
Kouluttaja: Mark Wiltshear
Kenelle Finnish companies with existing products that want more information about selling on Amazon.

Muistuta ilmoittautumisen päättymisestä Tästä saat kalenterisi muistuttamaan ilmoittautumisesta pari päivää ennen määräaikaa. Huomaa, että ilmoittautumismuistutuksen lisääminen omaan kalenteriin ei toimi ilmoittautumisena meille.


Finding customers in new, overseas markets can be a time
consuming process; market research, contacting potential
customers, selling the product, waiting for sales to start. Selling
on Amazon Marketplaces, gives you an opportunity to start
selling direct to consumers across Europe.
This does not only shorten the time before you can start making
sales. You can also use Amazon for positioning your brand in a
new territory and, once you start selling, you have concrete
‘sales-data-as-market-research’ which can be invaluable when
trying to get other buyers interested in your products.

Mark Wiltshear from Xport offers a practical, one-day Selling on
Amazon Workshop. It is a combination of training and workshop
activities, that will give you an introduction to the basics of selling
on Amazon Marketplace and the Fulfilment by Amazon service
(FBA). Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for you to ask

Gain a deeper understanding of how FBA works and if it is right for your company.
Learn from the experiences and questions asked by other companies in the workshop.
Be better prepared to take that first step to selling on Amazon.

Copies of the training materials for future reference.
The basic structure of your first product page
An exclusive offer price on a personalised price illustration for up to 3 products.


  • An introduction to Selling on Amazon
  • How to open your Amazon Seller account (and avoid the
    mistakes made by others!)
  • Welcome to Seller Central – a brief tour of Amazon’s seller portal
  • The cost of selling on Amazon? Understanding Amazon’s fees
    and your profitability
  • Workshop: Create your first product page


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Mark Wiltshear

Mark Wiltshear

Mark Wiltshear is originally from London and now lives in Seinäjoki, where he is Co-founder of Xport. He has more than 25 years experience in retail and account management, in several product categories including fashion, sportswear and consumer electronics.