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Kenelle people involved in sales and marketing

Selling your products and services better. Come and get a boost to be more active and enthusiastic in export sales, to work together more, encourage each other more, and ultimately of course to sell more.  Get the tools to increase your international sales and the confidence & enthusiasm to go and do it. The package includes a pre-task, workshop and closing webinar.

How does it work? ALL team members will take an active role contributing their ideas, comments and questions.  We will decide what we want to say and then we will practice doing it. The trainer will make notes as we go along and afterwards there will be a clear plan for how to go forward. This will be fast-moving and intensive, but in a positive, even fun atmosphere.

What do you get? The tools to increase your international sales and the confidence and enthusiasm to go and do it.  And a clear plan for how to go forward.



Pre-task: For all participants to prepare and have ideas for the workshop.

Worshop: Introduction. The right partner. USP (unique selling point). Elevator pitch. Features and benefits, what to say and not to say. The first contact. Telephone, email and face-to-face. Handling objections. Spin Selling. Closing the deal. Working together. Targets

Closing webinar afterwards: At a later date agreed with the customer we will have an online meeting to assess the progress and discuss some of the points again. Duration 2 hours.

Available in Finnish, English or Swedish!

Orders and inquirys 
manager Heidi Sikkilä
tel. 0400568900


2050 eur / 2550 eur. One day, 6 persons.
Additional persons á 225 eur.

Paul Fairchild

Paul Fairchild

Paul Fairchild has been a business owner in PNP crossing borders Oy, salesman and sales coach in Finland for the last 15 years. Through training and sparring he has helped people in approx. 150 companies to feel more confident about international sales meetings, have the tools to do their work and develop and increase their international sales. Earlier Paul lived and worked in England, France and Germany. Paul has a passion for sales and you will catch that passion! We have worked for example with these companies Finn-Power Oy, Serres Oy, T-Drill Oy, MSK Group Oy, Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy, Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy (Palax), Ejendals Suomi Oy (Jalas) and LVI Pörssi Oy.


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